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People are busy. Some are flighty. Others fail to consider how their actions may harm another. Still some, do not care how their actions may affect anyone else. When someone does not meet the standards of a normally cautious person, bad things can happen.

Someone texting or distracted while driving. Then they cause a collision. A business not considering how someone might get injured when their premises are allowed to fall in to disrepair. A truck driver holding out to make it just five more miles.

These acts have consequences. Most importantly, the people harmed by these actions or inactions are burdened with the effects of the neglect of someone else. The legal consequences placed upon those that are negligent and causing harm allow us as a society to discourage that behavior.

I have practiced personal injury law for most of my career, and almost half of my life. I know what it takes to get the results that are just and the compensation that you need to get through your difficult times.

Automobile Accidents
Premises Liability
Trucking Wrecks
Wrongful Death

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